What is Dilemma?

The Dilemma Masters wanted a fun way to make those big decisions in life, like who is my favourite actor, what shall I choose for dessert, or who do I think will win this year’s football league? What makes it even more fun is that everyone is voting along with you, or …… maybe even against you!

Watch the live ratings as you vote, the more you vote the more influence you have. You can even have a voting war, but you can’t see who your opponents are. It could be your best friend, an old foe or even a global master. Got a favourite, then vote strategically for the underdog or against your challenger.

Dilemma ratings are not just based on the vote, there is an algorithm that comes in to play but we can’t share that with you or there would be no mystery!

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Inappropriate Dilemma

Inappropriate Dilemma Report Form