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Why Advertise?

Thousands of impressions each month. You’re going to be seen!

As a Sponsor you get…

– full access to ALL of the ranked results in all of the public Dilemmas (not just the top 10) – the ability to request Dilemmas specific to your products or services (gauge public opinion about your business) – big exposure right next to the point of focus of the users’ attention

How much does it cost?

Sponsoring a category costs just $49 a month plus GST.

Can we sponsor multiple categories?

Yes, sure… 2x categories = $89 3x categories = $119 4x categories = $139 5x categories = $149 Entire site = $249

Are there limits on the numbers of adverts?

A maximum of 5 banners are allowed on any one category.

How do we sign up?

Just click here to email us from the Contact Page and leave it to us. We’ll do it for you, well.. except for the payment bit :-)

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